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Certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board

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Everyone must agree that as each of us has unique fingerprints, we also have a unique body shape and each of us is subject to different physical and emotional stresses as we evolve in varying work and play environments.

Each of us is indeed unique. Consequently and while we all require vitamins, enzymes, minerals, trace elements and hormones, the amount required by each of us is determined by our individual lifestyle as well as environmental factors.

It is the relative amount of “right molecules” that is important for each individual. Diseases occur when the balance is affected by excesses or deficiencies of the natural substances in our bodies.

Orthomolecular nutrition analyzes cell behavior, the manner in which the cell absorbs nutrients and uses this information to determine the best diet for health and physical maintenance. It addresses the unique need of our organism by keeping in consideration all external factors that contribute to our well-being. It aims to determine the optimum level of each nutrient needed by each individual.

The concept is founded upon the recognition that no living organism lives within a perfect environment. Consequently, it strives to supply each cell with the right quantities of natural substances needed to achieve optimal health, keeping into account the enormous individualities and the variations caused by time and stress. It also keeps into consideration the fact that nutrients are often synergistic and work in harmony together.

In general, when we talk about nutrition we think about what we really like to taste and eat. Nutrition tends to relate more with the physical health of our organs and tissues. The new concept of cellular nutrition helps us understand how our health can improve from an orthomolecular level. Ultimately, the health of our cells depends largely on what we eat through diet and supplementation. For many years, principally in England, Germany and the United States, orthomolecular nutrition has emerged as a new concept in nutrition that encompasses not only diet, but also nutritional supplements, which are considered necessary for a high percentage of the population.

Orthomolecular nutrition relies on the fact that all tissues have a structure that depends on cooperation between different cell types, and therefore it is essential to the health of tissues and organs that the cells are equally as healthy. Cellular nutrition is defined as the supply of nutrients to the body cells and the need for energy and maintenance of their structure and functions.

Of course, the body’s cells need the same nutrients that have been regarded as essential, so what distinguishes orthomolecular nutrition from other forms of nutrition is the providing for the proper functioning of cells~ Ortho from the Greek “right”. Thus, not only is it necessary that the diet isn’t deficient in any nutrient, but also, that it does not contain substances that can unbalance our cell behavior, damaging the ability to absorb and utilize essential nutrients; always keeping in consideration that “ each of us is indeed unique”.